Freeze and Burn
Edge of the World
The Bride
Frozen Journey
Love is a Pair
Petals of Time
Heavens Hall
Lady in Red
Pure Love
My Love For You
Wild Angel
Western Path
Best Friends
Soul Mates

Belladora Maria Ahumada 

Original art from the heart...
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Belladora has offered her poetry and art for two decades. In 2003 she attended the Leonardo de Vinci College in France for her first art show. She also had the pleasure of teaching an art class. In 2006 she traveled to TN to record a CD with Jim Kelly. This was recorded at Tom T. & Dixie Hall's studio.  Her poetry has been enjoyed by thousands. She was recently featured in the book "Indiana's Got Talent." Bell was also the creator of the 3D world Castles which was retired in 2006. As a freelance writer she welcomed the opportunity to showcase her work in prestige trade papers such as the AntiqueWeek, Auction Exhaange and Farm World. Her photography has also been published for other writers.
Indianas Got Talent
All original paintings are by Belladora. 
I am very honored to have been a part of this poetry project. Be sure to check it out! Belladora Maria Ahumada, Michael H. Hanson and Sabrina Fontaine Kaleta 
reviewed in superb depth and impressive detail 

Lomesome Dove
Lovers Cross
Gypsy in the Wind
Welcome to Belladora Art. I hope you enjoy exploring my new website. I will be adding much more in the coming weeks. 
Secret Love
Tropical Trio
Snow Garden